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Custom TV Questions?

Your organization can now have its own customized TV channel than can be showcased in your stores, offices or wherever a digital display is available!

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IntellisMedia: The Complete Solution
  IntellisMedia is the complete solution for all your CustomTV needs. From creating programming to setting up infrastructure, IntellisMedia will be with you every step of the way. Bring the new generation of marketing tools into your organization! We offer the following services:
  Program design
  Infrastructure set-up
  Operations maintenance
  Marketing consultation
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Bullet for Custom TV How does it work?
  Essentially, digital technology is used to present your content of choice on full color displays. Additionally, programming can be easily updated remotely from anywhere in the world.
Bullet for Custom TV Why use CustomTV?
  CustomTV allows you to increase sales and name recognition by receiving 10 times more eye traffic than traditional static signage, and reduces customer's perceived wait time.
  Bullet for Custom TV What will it look like?
  That's up to you! Since CustomTV works similarly to a webpage, the possibilities are endless. Elements used could include advertisements, schedules, company news, music videos, graphics, text crawls and clocks, among others. Additionally, it can be hooked up to your existing database for dynamic updates in real time.
  Bullet for Custom TV How is it currently
being used?
  Every day, industries are finding new ways to use this dynamic medium. Retail stores using it in their check out lines have found that their marketing and branding service efforts are greatly enhanced. Organizations such as banks and visitor bureaus have found that it is a great way to improve the customer service experience by providing updated information in real time. Educational institutions are using it to provide courses on demand. Custom TV is so versatile that it can be individually designed to meet your needs!
  Bullet for Custom TV Who Can Benefit?

Organizations seeking to improve communications with their
targeted audiences can profit greatly with the following Custom TV applications:

  Corporate Communications and Information Marketing, Public Relations and Human Resources.

Information Dissemination
Community Cable Channels, Government Offices,
Courts and Information Centers

  Education and Training
Universities, Schools, Seminars and Conferences
  High Volume Traffic Area
Airports, Stadiums, Retail Stores, Transit Centers,
Theaters, Malls and Real Estate Offices
  Bullet for Custom TV Is it affordable?
  The beauty of Custom TV is that it can pay for itself. Advertisers are constantly seeking new ways to reach niche markets and your Custom TV channel is no exception. Additionally, you can greatly reduce your lost opportunity costs related to marketing and information dissemination.

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